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At Stepping Stones, we believe that everyone has the right to find work, no matter what their disability might be.

Only around 6% of people with a learning disability are in paid employment, despite 60% being willing and able. Work opportunities and experience can be the first step for many people into finding long-term employment.

Getting paid to do a job can make a huge difference to a young adult’s confidence, independence and future aspirations. That’s why at Stepping Stones, we take the extra steps in arranging work placements and experiences for the people we support.

Social Barriers

Many people with learning disabilities may face many social barriers when trying to gain paid employment.

These include:

  • A lack of good quality support to get and maintain employment and/or volunteering opportunities.
  • A lack of support to build confidence and skills.
  • Employers’ attitudes.
  • A lack of understanding as to what people with a learning disability can do with the right support.

What We Can Do

Through our various schemes, at Stepping Stones, we will listen to the people we support and help them to gain experience in the sector they are interested in.
We will guide the people we support every step along the way, giving them specific advice and listening to their challenges.

We will help the people we support by:

  • Identifying their strengths and transferable skills.
  • Developing their confidence.
  • Reviewing their CV and job applications.
  • Guiding them where to look for jobs.
  • Conducting mock interviews.
  • Helping them to find which jobs will suit them the most.
  • Building on skills such as time management.

Once you have gained work experience, we will continue our support. Our work opportunity and experience programme will benefit the people we support to gain employment and find opportunities in the long-term.

We will:

  • Help them to make the most out of their opportunity.
  • Guide them into getting more long-term employment.
  • Hold weekly meetings to discuss how work experience is going and plan any next steps.
  • Support with any issues they may have in the workplace.
  • Support with payments, taxes and any financial guidance.
  • Help with Access to Work applications.
  • Support with asking for reasonable adjustments.

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