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Increasing independence and choice.

At Stepping Stones, we want to empower young adults to live life to the full by increasing independence and choice. Stepping Stones Community Living aims to achieve this by creating an inclusive, supportive environment where each individual can flourish.

What is Stepping Stones Community Living (SSCL)?

Stepping Stones Community Living is our latest social enterprise programme, and our biggest one yet.

Our aim is to foster a sense of community and friendships in an inclusive, stimulating and safe environment that has been set up to provide needed respite to families and young adults while improving life skills and life choices. Often vulnerable young adults miss out on opportunities that offer social and peer interactions, this is due to the lack of providers who can offer a care package, especially to those aged between 18 and over.

What Can You Expect from Stepping Stones?

Emerald House is the residential home we manage, located on Coombe Lane, Kingston Upon Thames. It is a residential home providing personal care for up four people with a learning disability, autism and/or mental health need, which has a separate adapted facility.

We provide individual packages of support, including our Stepping Stones Community Living and even support for those who require respite care. Our supported living and domiciliary care are driven by the wishes and needs of its customers. We can support those within the supported living service to carry out everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, budgeting, shopping and assisting with their personal care needs.

How Will You Be Supported?

You will be allocated a SSCL key worker. Your key worker will meet with you regularly (at times agreed with you) to support you with any issues in a two-way process.

Soon after you move in, your key worker will meet with you to draw up your support plan. They will agree with you those areas that you will be working on. This could include things like working on benefits, managing your finances, building up your social activities, taking part in education and so on. Your support plan will be written down and you will be given a copy.

Why Choose Stepping Stones?

We also support customers to access their local community and engage in leisure interests to pursue their hobbies and interests. Our aim is to help the people we support to live their lives to the fullest, while becoming included, contributing members of the community living completely independently or with minimal support.

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