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At Stepping Stones, we want to empower young people to live their lives with independence and choice.

At Stepping Stones, we believe that our person-centred service is vital to providing care for the people we support.

As well as work experience, training, skills development, mental wellbeing & development, we also offer activities and general support for those in need to enable them to develop their independence skills. Our aim is for the people we support to become included, contributing members of the community living completely independently or with minimal support.

How Can We Help?

Unfortunately, people with learning disabilities face prejudice and discrimination and inconsistent treatment, whether in their everyday lives, education or employment.

At Stepping Stones, we build trusting relationships with the people we support and their families. We allow everyone the choice to make their own decisions, whether that’s to do with their personalised care plans or even who they live with.

We support our young adults with:
  • Education and Apprenticeships
  • Work Opportunity and Experience
  • Living Independently
  • Living with Others

Training and Education

We will help the people we support to find the right education and apprenticeship opportunities that suit them. We work with our young adults to find accessible educational opportunities through the SEND system and also find employment training options for those that would prefer to start working after school.

At Stepping Stones, we believe that any form of higher-education or apprenticeship is extremely beneficial to a young adult. We believe it is vital for their independence to ensure that they are given a choice about which avenue they choose to go down. It is also vital in developing their social skills and building their confidence. We completely support everyone’s choices and help them along their journey.

Work Opportunities and Experience

At Stepping Stones, we believe that everyone has the right to find work, no matter what their disability might be. Getting paid to do a job can make a huge difference to their confidence, independence and future aspirations. That’s why we take the extra steps in arranging work placements and experiences for the people we support.

Living Independently

At Stepping Stones, we can help the people we support to live independently. We can provide help to the people we support and their families, giving them the knowledge and resources to understand what is available. We can give mock applications for housing registers, housing benefits and help them to explore the options in their area.

We also allow the people we support to have the freedom to choose where they live and who they live with.

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